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Can you tell me more about that headmaster? He is applying for a headmaster's spot where I currently teach. Thanks.

I don't know Skip well enough to comment personally about him. I also don't know what it takes to run a school, so can't speak to his abilities. I have two examples that forever color my impression of him.

There was a veteran teacher with over 20 years of history at WRA, who was also widely regarded as one of the greatest teachers in his field in secondary school in the country. Like many great teachers, this teacher was somewhat of an iconoclast. He was a widower who lived for over a decade in a school-owned house off-campus. Well, it happened that his life partner moved into that house with him and lived in a happy, coexistence united by a common passion for their common academic focus. Unfortunately, they weren't married. And unfortunately he was black and she was white. The school ordered him to vacate the house and when he refused, fired him.

Skip led one of the greatest capital campaigns in the history of WRA. At an unveiling of the plans at an alumni gathering in New York, he swelled with pride as he spoke about how the buildings would be completely contextual with their surroundings. Except for a few touches, they would look like the surrounding school. I had the opportunity to ask him about pluralism and whether one's built environment fostered diversity of thought and ideas and if that were a priority, wouldn't it make sense to inspire and provoke students on a daily basis by the design of the buildings. He looked at me as if I were insane and moved on.

So I can't tell you more. By many measures he was a great success. But during his tenure I refused to contribute except during my 20th reunion year, out of respect for my classmates.

Good luck and feel free to keep me posted.

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