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Love it, I paid the equivalent of $20.00 dollars, wanted to have it before a long flight to The UK. Now what i wish is that the artists would release singles, EP's and just more music so that I as the fan could enjoy that much more and keep that connection, look at The Beatles and The Stones all the graet songs that weren't on albums and were singles, inspiration...come out at it's own time!

I think Radiohead is making two key points with their pricing experiment. The first is that artists, especially extremely popular well-branded artists, may not need major label distribution in order to sell albums. The second is that no one really knows what the right price is. The major labels are so far behind when it comes to digital distribution, that it has come to a point where the consumers and the artists are suffering.

As a consumer, I disagree that the full-length album model has caused the demise of music. I think the cause has more to do with the inability of many popular artists to create anything more than a handful of singles (which could, in fact, be caused by major labels contractually requiring quick turn-around times).

We live in an age of one-hit-wonders. It seems like anyone with a hit producer, studio time, and enough PR or money to get on TRL can put out the next hit Summer single.

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