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I love the idea of "emotional fidelity." Reminds me of a great Star Trek quote. Ishara Yar asks Data, an Android, if he is able to have friends. He responds, "Yes."

Ishara: But you don't have feelings, do you?

Lt. Commander Data: Not as such. However, even among humans, friendship is sometimes less an emotional response and more a sense of... familiarity.

Ishara Yar: So, you can become used to someone?

Lt. Commander Data: Exactly. As I experience certain sensory input patterns, my mental pathways become accustomed to them. The input is eventually anticipated, and even missed when absent.

Reading your post, it doesn't seem that T "mistook "connections" for "friends"" - he seems painfully aware of the difference. FB friends, indeed many peoples' modern concept of friends, is simply that of acquaintances, friendly acquaintances; we all know who our friends are, and they are a small subset of our friendly acquaintances (unless we are true recluses!). FB is a way to keep in touch with, and get to know, people and ideas. It is a different experience for someone with 1000 to 5000 friends, and someone with less than 150, mainly in that with over 100 friends you're not regularly, or even irregularly, exposed to the posts of most of your fb friends. T's defriending you is T's dissatisfaction with the level of palpable connection you had, and your own statement he was too caustic-witted for your true (or deep) friendship reveals its limits, for you and him. I'm sorry for your loss, and his, but it sounds like your friendship had resonance for both of you, just in different ways.

Wow. Nicely written, Art.

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